22 - 25 March 2024

With a remarkable turnout of over 200 members, our recent Time Out 2024 event served as a pivotal platform for insightful discussion and invaluable networking opportunities within the jewellery industry.

Our conference sessions focused on the retail strategies needed to navigate the slow trading conditions expected for most of 2024. Under the guidance of our General Manager, Glen Pocklington, our members received an update on industry and overall economic trends in both Australia and New Zealand.

The highlight of the event undoubtedly was the captivating keynote address delivered by Consumer futurist, Amanda Stevens – “The new rules for retail in 2024”. Amanda also conducted a workshop, assisting Nationwide members with developing new initiatives for their businesses.

The consensus of conference attendees was that Amanda Stevens (2018 Australian keynote speaker of the year) was one of the groups best ever keynote presenters, leaving attendees inspired to implement innovative initiatives within their businesses.

Our networking events were also highly popular, with 160 people attending the Welcome Cocktail Function and 200 attending our Conference dinner, with an incredible amount adhering to the ‘touch of gold’ theme.

During the Buying Day on Sunday, we gave away 3 prize draws for our members. They had to be in the Buying room when their name was called, and they had 60 seconds to claim their prize!” The prizes given away were 2 x nights accommodation at the Sydney W Hotel aligned with the IJF in August (for two separate draws), and a $3000 travel voucher towards our Stuller x New York trip in September.