What is a buying group?

A buying group is an organisation that combines the purchasing volumes and influence of a large group of businesses to negoiate better terms, discounts and prices from their common suppliers.

Nationwide Jewellers was established in 1991 and for many years has been the largest buying group for independent jewellers in Australasia. Our members benefit in more ways than just better buying - our experienced team provides marketing support, business coaching, networking events and industry education.

With Nationwide, you'll enjoy the strength of our numbers, but stay completely independent.

What are the benefits of joining Nationwide Jewellers?

When you become a member of Nationwide, you will enjoy the best discounts from the industry's leading jewellery and watch suppliers.

Members gain access to our full suite of retail jewellery business services, guidance from our expert team and family-like support from our large network of jewellers and jewellery suppliers.

Are there any costs to join?

No. We are the only jewellery buying group that does not charge any joining fees or ongoing membership fees.

There are no lock-in terms either, so you are free to join Nationwide and if you decide to leave the group you can do so at any time. But we don't think you will!

Do I have to order all my stock through Nationwide suppliers?

No. Nationwide retail members are independent jewellers and independent jewellery retailers, so you are free to operate as such. Many of your existing suppliers will be suppliers to the Nationwide group already, so you will immediately benefit from better buying when you join.

We are continually updating our preferred supplier network, with many supplier recommendations coming from members who have found great products or services. With these recommendations we can then work with a prospective supplier to achieve better buying terms for the group.

I am a supplier to the jewellery industry. How do I work with Nationwide Jewellers?

Our merchandise team works hard to ensure we are covering all product categories of the jewellery industry for our members. We look for suppliers with great products and services, along with established manufacturing, sales and support infrastructure.

Upon receipt of your application, we'll need to determine your fit within our existing supplier network and ensure any discounts you are offering our members are the very best in the industry. Start the conversation with us here.

If I join nationwide, do i need to change the name of my store or my signage?

No. Your store branding does not need to change at all. Nationwide works entirely behind the scenes so that you can continue to serve your community as a trusted, independent jeweller.

Can nationwide help me improve my business management skills?

Absolutely! All members are offered the opportunity to attend our Retail Jewellery Business Management Course. The course is run several times a year at locations around Australia & in New Zealand.

In addition, Nationwide assists members to set and manage their stock levels, purchases and overall operating budgets.

How can Nationwide assist with marketing my jewellery store?

Nationwide has a team of designers who can tailor-make artwork to suit your business and brand. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team!

can nationwide help with digital marketing?

Nationwide has created hundreds of websites for our members over the years. In line with the latest trends, Nationwide can help to ensure your online presence and branding remains fresh, current and modern across all selling channels and platforms.