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Our members’ stores are located all over Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Metropolitan or suburban, regional or remote; they are a mix of design, manufacturing and purely retail businesses. What all our members have in common is their passion for the jewellery industry, and of course their independence.
While they might be spread far and wide, Nationwide members are now more connected and supportive of each other than ever before via our online discussion forum.

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“Being a member of Nationwide is like being part of a family; the staff always know who we are and which store we are calling from. We’ve greatly benefitted from taking part in online forums with other members who have shared their ups and downs with the group.”

Pranay & Jay Parekh
Springfield Jewellers (QLD)
Members since 2007

“Nationwide gives us access to wonderful opportunities like Antwerp diamond buying which has really helped our business to grow our diamond sales. We have not only gained much support & benefits, but also many friends along the way too.”

Donna & Greg Kensen
J & C Manufacturing Jewellers (SA)
Members since 1991

“Being a small country business, belonging to a large group like Nationwide has provided huge benefits for me. With help and support always available from a skilled team, and ongoing advice this has helped my business to grow. I feel very privileged belonging to the Nationwide Group.”

Kerry Phillips
Country Jewel (NZ)
Member since 2002