September to remember: Nationwide heading to the US

September to remember: Nationwide heading to the US

Earlier this month, Australasia’s largest jewellery industry buying group, Nationwide Jewellers, announced plans for an educational trip to the US. Nearly every booking was sold within hours.

Nationwide members will travel to Lafayette, Louisiana, to tour Stuller’s headquarters in September. Founded in 1970, Stuller is one of the largest jewellery manufacturers in the US.

While in Lafayette, members will attend Stuller’s ‘Bridge Conference’. Nationwide general manager Glen Pocklington has previously participated in the conference and said the insights gained by members will be invaluable. 

“The conference focusses on present and future trends in the jewellery industry, provides data-driven strategies for retailers, and new directions in customisation technology,” he told Jeweller.

“Networking with more than 100 fellow retailers and Stuller staff provides valuable insights and opportunities to grow your jewellery retail business.”

He added: “Our initial allocation of registrations for the Bridge event at Stuller was fully booked within hours of the details being shared with our members. Fortunately, Stuller allowed us to increase our booking, enabling us to include those members on the waitlist. There are now only a handful of spots remaining.”

Following the conference, members will travel to New York City and visit the Diamond District. In the past, Nationwide has organised trips to Antwerp in Belgium to facilitate diamond buying; however, the group has taken a new approach this year.

“Instead of our usual trip to Antwerp in September, this year we have arranged for our members to visit the New York offices of our Antwerp diamond suppliers,” Pocklington said.

“In a similar fashion to the way our Antwerp Diamond Program works, members will begin promoting their trip to hand pick the perfect diamonds for their customers from July.”

In November, the group revealed the details of a trip to Spain which begins in Madrid and concludes in Barcelona nine days later.